Saturday, November 3, 2007

Trust Me, He Deserves It

It occurred to me when I finished this comic that from what we've seen of Allen so far he might not have deserved the bees. Calling them 'Simples' earlier, though a strongly condescending term in Mathland, might not seem to warrant a 'Seinfeld Surprise'. For the moment, I entreat you all to trust that it's a just action and enjoy the comic from that stand point. You can change your opinion later if Allen doesn't prove to be the asshole I envision him as.

P.S. - How the hell do you indent in a blog post?


nerzhin said...

I use the blockquote tag to indent. Is that what you mean? Why do you want to indent?

And I like the shapes. So far they've been funnier than the people. I'm sure the people will be funny, I'm just saying you don't have to feel guilty for making shape comics.

Do you think you could get rid of the sidebar on the right, and have the posts take up the whole page width? That might make the comics readable without having to click on them. Just a thought.

David McIntyre said...

I tried to get rid of the side bar a while ago with that idea in mind. Needless to say I was unsuccessful. Google blogs seem to have a rather ridged structure. If I keep this up long enough I'll get the comics onto a real site, but that's too daunting for my current work load.

Adam Entertainment said...

Doesn't matter if he is an asshole or not, who doesn't like a good bee gag?