Thursday, November 29, 2007


Sorry I missed posting last week. Although I promise no definitive posting schedule, I endeavor to give you all at least one comic a week.

Originally I only had the first three panels for the comic and I was trying to figure out a good word that would be considered highly offensive in Mathland. However, paradox eventually lost out to the sound used to bleep bad words. Which is really much worse then any curse word I know. The particular definition of inflammatory words usually takes a back seat to the punctuating effect of the language, which the bleep sound conveys exceptionally well. It also allows the listener to pick the curse word they feel is most appropriate for the sentence. What goes in blank is logically bound by the worse thing the listeners filthy mind already has rolling around in there. Makes me wish George Carlin wrote mad lib books.


Lumie said...

You get points for proper use of the term Wang Jockey.

Boris said...

zero divisors can suck my ballz

Gonch In Goal said...

I always did find bleeping to be funnier than the actual curse word simply because it overemphasized things. It makes the curse word stand out even more.

Also, nice working fuck into a middle of a sentence like that, very Lewis Black-like.

Adam Entertainment said...

Very funny comic, though for some reason clicking on it lead to me having to download it.

David McIntyre said...

I know. It's nothing I did. It's like the way google deals with pictures seems to have changed.