Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Jester: Prt1

This one is a villain, as the devious smirk is hopefully an indication of. The Jester was the first super hero name I ever came up with back in middle (or really late elementary) school after getting a book on how to draw super heroes. It was mostly inspired by a hat I had gotten at a renaissance fair. The original Jester wore tights instead of a suite and looked more realistic (I think he may have been very close in muscles and face to the Mr Fantastic I was emulating), but had the same 3 prong hat and mask.

The Jester

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Alright, this is the week to be checking my blog. I gave some thought to the underlining cause of the lack of comics here. My computer breaking takes care of the last month or so, but I'm not sure it made a difference. My initial idea had been to create a few characters, flesh out their personalities, and the let the rest sort itself out as I went. This failed. Sort of. The hand drawn guys were just standing around with no purpose. John and Paul (the square and triangle) I really like, but I was limiting myself to 2 shape comics for every hand drawn (though not very stringently).

So, I'm ditching Dart and his cohorts as a failed attempt (John and Paul get to stay). I considered what subject matter I have enough of a knowledge bank on to use as a setting, and what sort of stories I'd be interested in telling. And so, I've created a team of super heroes to write about (sorry guys, not the Tenacious 3) and I'll be unveiling the character designs over the next few days. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll get back to making comics.

Figures crossed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


All Unrated means is that they've made a change since the movie got it MPAA approval. We're all just assuming that this means that this version of the movie is raunchier then the R rated version.

I'd like to make a series of Unrated films that are all re-edited to be G rated. My version of Scream will replace the killer everywhere with a cartoon dear who's there to take the victims to gumdrop mountain.