Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Standing Around

I think we've about leveled off on improvements in the quality of the comic. Although I may start creating backgrounds when the setting matters more.

Next time... Everyone who's appeared so far gets a name.


Lumie said...

I still say that guy number 3 is based off of Geoff dark hair or no.

Adam Entertainment said...

Good comic, but I think the word bubble that contains the "...And" sentence is awkward as it is hard to tell where it is supposed to be lead from (in other words, where it exactly fits).

David McIntyre said...

I agree. According to any rules for bubble path ways I know it is correct, but it looks awkward and your eye is drawn to the ...and bubble too soon.

It's supposed to be the third bubble read. The second bubble is farther the the left and has the initiating triangle attached. His flow of words goes around him clockwise.

Sorry for the confusion.