Monday, September 17, 2007

Jungian Nintendo

Now, I have no formal training in the art of psychology, but I have a theory I want those of you that do to check out. I think the first 30 seconds of the old Super Mario Brothers game has been embedded in the male collective unconscious. That every penis comes with it, the memories of a little side scrolling adventure.

I base this theory mainly on a friend who we'll call "Case Study One". Now "Case Study One" has never seen a Nintendo, let only played the original Mario Brothers game. But, he can tell you:

Walk four seconds. Jump on the first Goomba. Get the super mushroom out of the second question mark box. Hop past the three pipes (perhaps killing the Goombas on your way). And, grab the hidden one-up mushroom that's just before the pit at the base of the little digital hill in the background.

[Pause for Breath]

Every man under 50 out there, can close their eyes and imagine all that like they were the little 2 dimensional tri-chromatic plummer themselves. Music playing in the background like an old dream.

And, every woman is like "What the F#ck's a Goomba?"


Adam Entertainment said...

Wait, there is a hidden 1-Up in the first board? Why I am finding out about this now? Quickly, to the Virtual Console!

Lumie said...

And, every woman is like "What the F#ck's a Goomba?

Or they act like your fiance and throw the controller back at you.

Greg said...


David McIntyre said...

^ Best comment ever. ^