Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Jester: Prt1

This one is a villain, as the devious smirk is hopefully an indication of. The Jester was the first super hero name I ever came up with back in middle (or really late elementary) school after getting a book on how to draw super heroes. It was mostly inspired by a hat I had gotten at a renaissance fair. The original Jester wore tights instead of a suite and looked more realistic (I think he may have been very close in muscles and face to the Mr Fantastic I was emulating), but had the same 3 prong hat and mask.


James said...

Umm...I smell a DC comics lawsuit.

David McIntyre said...

Over Riddler?

There are in fact Jester characters in both the DC and Marvel universes.


I think mine looks much slicker. Perhaps I'll work on a variation on the name.

James said...

ha, i was thinking of the joker...but yeah maybe a different name.