Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Beer-Man: Part 2

This is what it should sound like. "The Beer-Man"

And, here's the second half of the lyrics. Same chords as the first half.

Doctor Synapse

Is his foe

He's master of the under handed deed

Doctor Synapse

Doles out woe

Based on his standard issue anti-moral creed

He can move

Things with his mind

Like the giant rubber band ball; his M.O.

When you're criminally insane that's how role

He can bend

People's thoughts

But, don't blame him for your parking ticket fine

He doesn't care about petty little crime

Well his cool demeanor will crack

When the Beer-man's on his track

Cause, that hero doesn't slack

In the darkness, in the moonlight, he does fight

All those standing on the wrong side of what's right