Friday, December 14, 2007

I Kid You Not, Look It Up

I think today's comics turned out looking pretty nice, I just wish it wasn't such a nitch joke. Let me try and explain briefly.

There's a whole group of knitting books, Yarn Harlet/Dominknitrix/Stitch and Bitch, that tap into the rebelious nature of knitters. I've never made such a grandiose error as Dart, but I bet there's someone out there who was a little disappointed that Mrs. Pearl-McPhee didn't come though on the Harlet part of her handle. However she's way more famous then I am, so obviously she knows what she's doing.

I wonder if rule 34 of the internet applies to my comic?

Check back next time for the continued adventures of John's love life.


Lumie said...

And yet she has signed a book for you and knew how to properly spell your name. This was a good strip.

Gonch In Goal said...

Oh, it's in color and there's a Serenity poster, very nice.

So I'm assuming these books include how to sew on a scarlet letter. You know, just for embroidery's sake.

Lumie said...

No sewing, that could be a dangerous statement to make in a room full of knitters. Besides that pattern would be in The Dominitrix or The Anticraft.

Jen Smith said...

Oh dear oh dear, he said sewing...we should whip him for that. Or would he enjoy the whipping too much?

Lumie said...

I'm not sure. Poor Stephen hasn't quite been around knitters long enough.

Adam Entertainment said...

Wait a minute...I just realized the character who wears the T3 t-shirt is named Joss. Perhaps a little hint as to who will write/direct the big screen adaptation?